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The impact of change – How much can your supply chain take?

Hardly any other topic is as omnipresent at the moment as the change in values in society.

This affects our working environment, intralogistics and the entire supply chain and raises new questions, which we dealt with during our SUCCESS DAYS.

In addition to exciting external presentations around our motto, there were interesting facts about our software and the opportunity to network – for example at the evening event!

SUCCESS DAYS 2023 retrospective

Business Health Check – Are you fit for the future?

Prof. Tim Bruysten, richtwert GmbH & Sascha Barbas, GIB S&D GmbH

In recent years, many a company has had to cough up: Shortages of raw materials, skyrocketing prices, delivery problems – the list is long. As an entrepreneur, you did not cause most of these challenges and cannot influence or even prevent them, but every company has the opportunity to prepare its strategy and processes for them, i.e. to strengthen its defences or even immunize itself.

An external view of the company is very helpful in identifying workarounds, questioning processes, recognizing strengths, and uncovering weaknesses. Impulses and new perspectives can also help to become even healthier and fitter through one's efforts.

With the Health Check for Business and Supply Chain, ifm has developed a questionnaire in cooperation with richtwert GmbH that offers an entry point for taking a critical look at one's company and getting initial answers and food for thought. 

In the lecture, Sascha Barbas and Prof. Dr Tim Bruysten will show what the Health Check can and cannot do and provide information about the results and findings so far that can be aggregated from the existing checks.

Business Health Check

Create transparency or close your eyes and get through it – How do you keep your supply chain running?

Björn Dunkel (ifm business solutions gmbh), Ralf Kempkens, Sascha Barbas and Tim Schreiber ​(GIB S&D GmbH)

More safety stock or relatively lean? Stock production or let the customer wait in case of doubt? Take quantity discounts with you or wait for prices to drop? In recent years, many strategic approaches have been undermined in day-to-day operations. Supply chain operations seem to follow a fever curve, fast action is required, but not mindlessly.

GIB's process and module consulting team shows approaches to regain transparency over your supply chain management in volatile times. Where and how the GIB solution enables well-founded decisions at the operational and tactical levels? Whether rolling forecasts, system-supported suggestions for reality-adjusted safety stocks, adjustment of parameters to detect supply bottlenecks and failures as early as possible, the impacts of delivery delays on the overall process, or automated suggestions for countermeasures. The GIB consultants take you through demand planning, manufacturing, procurement and inventory management.

Moving into a new dimension – Roadmap SCX on SAP S/4HANA & GIB Suite on ECC 6.0

Felix Grab, ifm business solutions gmbh

What is in store for you in 2024? Which trend-setting topics are already on the agenda for the coming years? We will take you on a journey to more usability, modern interface designs, high-performance functionalities, and networked systems from OT and IT.

Factory Optimisation Excellence – Optimising inside the supply chain

Björn Knabe, ifm business solutions gmbh & Dr Alexander Hoffmann, statmath GmbH

Material shortages, delivery delays, energy crises – many external influences on the supply chain can neither be averted nor influenced. However, excellent supply chain processes are not only lived out externally. It also depends on the functioning of the internal supply chain. A central linchpin for more profitability is smooth production processes without time hang-ups.

With GIB FOX you can plan your production process across all workplaces and all orders. No more delays because no material is available, the machine is occupied or the operations of the order chains are not exactly coordinated.

The AI-based algorithm plans with daily updated data from the SAP system, takes restrictions into account and gives you the security of having planned all orders sensibly.

CHEERS S/4 – how Krombacher mastered the changeover on time and budget

Jan Beerwerth, Krombacher Brauerei Bernhard Schadeberg GmbH & Co. KG

Have you ever heard of a changeover to SAP S/4HANA that was plug-and-play? Smoothly and without complications? No? Neither have we!

Jan Beerwerth will describe how the changeover from R/3 to S/4 went at Krombacher Brauerei. The challenges he was confronted with as project manager, the stumbling blocks that had to be overcome, and the time it took to work from milestone to milestone.

He will also report on how important partners are during the changeover, how essential the involvement of the departments is, and how indispensable it is to have support from the management.  

In the end, the project team succeeded in implementing the changeover successfully as planned. How many cases of beer were required for this, however, remains unclear.

Values in change – digital transformation meets values discussion

Dr. Jörg Wallner, 2b AHEAD ThinkTank GmbH

In times of skills shortages and more mobile workers, companies must find new ways to attract or retain employees. Customers are also becoming more value-oriented and demanding regarding product selection. In the future, therefore, a solid corporate culture with a focus on sustainability, transparency and other contemporary values will play an even greater role alongside the actual purpose of the company.

This concerns not only the way they are presented to the outside world but above all how these values are lived internally – because in a digitalised, networked world, reckless business practices and greenwashing will be directly exposed and sanctioned by society in the future.

So how can companies face the challenges of digital transformation and at the same time use their values for success and carry them to the outside world?

Self-sufficient replenishment & real-time monitoring of production – science fiction in production!

Nikolaj Schmitz, ifm business solutions gmbh

Production lines that independently request new material and provide real-time information on their condition and current production orders. Sounds like science fiction?  

Nikolaj Schmitz shows you how this vision can already become a reality today.

Even without any ESA technology at all, but using standard components.

AND EVERY DAY THE GROUNDHOG SAYS HELLO – why inventory optimization and process harmonization need a good system

Nils Wehning, KTR Systems GmbH

As a globally operating manufacturer of drive technology, brake, and cooling systems as well as hydraulic components, KTR realised years ago that the processes of the supply chain have to be interlinked and optimised to be able to operate economically in the future and to be one step ahead of the competition.

Numerous projects started with the goal of becoming even better. This was achieved in many places, but internal project groups and external consultants repeatedly reached their limits "on the last mile". There was a lack of transparency as well as analysis and management options to be able to prove or disprove the assumptions made quickly, flexibly, across processes, and in a focused manner.

As a result, neither concrete recommendations for action could be derived nor could the identified optimization projects be implemented in reality. Nils Wehning reports on the arduous journey as well as on gaining knowledge and explains why GIB SCX finally became a companion in the SAP S/4HANA world.

SAP Business Technology Platform & ifm supply chain XLNce solutions – a symbiosis in a class of its own

Björn Dunkel, ifm business solutions gmbh

"Available on SAP Store" – this has been the motto for the MRP view XLNce app since the beginning of the year. What makes this app so special, given that it is "only" a "spin-off" from the GIB SCX Procurement area?

What are the advantages of public cloud applications and why is the entire suite not directly available on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)?

Björn Dunkel answers these questions and gives an outlook on how and when ifm and SAP want to move even closer together.

What are the ifm SUCCESS DAYS?

Whether for logisticians, SAP project managers, SCM managers or CIOs: the conference offers information on current topics, explains new trends & technologies, provides information on the new SAP-certified developments of the ifm solutions, gives users a chance to speak, and is an important networking platform on the subject of supply chain management.

Photos and videos from the past SUCCESS DAYS